Thursday, November 7, 2013

Protests in Firenze

While we were in a Vodafone shop setting up a cell phone for our friends, a protest march passed by. I'm not really sure what they were protesting, but I think it was more than one thing. Some groups were chanting. Some groups were holding up signs and chatting with each other. Some groups were just walking and texting on their phones.

The polizia led and followed the protesters in case things got out of hand. They were pretty laid back though. They were chit chatting and laughing when they passed me.

I'm not a political person so I don't see a lot of rallies or protests. This one piqued my interest and I stood outside to watch the procession.

protest in Florence
protest in Florence
police in Florence

If anyone knows what this protest was about, I'm super curious and would love to know.

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