Monday, December 2, 2013


While writing our Christmas card letter I had an epiphany...our main points were about our travels. The only other significant thing was Will's deployment. It surprised me how much our lives revolve around traveling. Sure, we consciously make it a priority. I guess I just didn't know how high it was until last night. Later in the night I couldn't sleep and my mind kept wandering to traveling.

Where I wanted to go.

Where we've been.

I came to conclusion that I'm completely okay with our lives being consumed by traveling.

We get so much out of it and it's more than just "Hey let's look at these famous buildings and see these famous cities." I make a point to research before and after our trips. I have this thing about learning about what I'm looking at. Please don't mistake me for a scholar. No no, I do a shallow search on Trip Advisor, Wikipedia, and Google for information. I'm not pouring over thick dusty books at the library. Actually, that sounds tempting and I just might do it if something sparks my interest enough. At the very least I want to know the name of the building/sculpture/person/painting/whatever that I'm taking pictures of and looking at. It gives me a strange sense of satisfaction to be able to caption my pictures with official names.

Ponte Vecchio
I could never caption this with "a bridge in Florence"
I have to name it: Ponte Vecchio.

I also think that it's important to take advantage of opportunities wherever I am. I'm not sure where I got this desire because it's not something that I've always felt. Maybe the fact that I've been a nomad my entire adult life has instilled an urgency to appreciate where I'm at while I have it. I know I didn't experience enough of Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, or Alaska when I lived there. Now I'm regretting it. But I've been fixing the Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii problems whenever I visit my families.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake, Oregon

I hope that we're not coming off as "tourists" all the time. We do act the tourist sometimes. But we try to be "travelers". We try to see the offbeat as well as the popular. We try to truly appreciate the places we visit. We try avoid the mindset of "take a picture just to prove we've been here". We try.


  1. I think you guys are definitely doing a great job of experiencing the area where you get to live for now, as well as traveling around to wherever you want to go! For me, I'd much rather have my life defined by the experience I've had rather than the stuff I own--for us, that doesn't always mean traveling somewhere new, but a fun experience in the place right where we are, but I do think travel can be a worthwhile investment

  2. I totally understand. I know I've traveled a ton and there's still so much I want to see, I feel like my travel bug is never satiated. That's one good thing about this old military lifestyle, I suppose.

  3. I love living vicariously through all of your travels!