Thursday, December 5, 2013

How we can afford to travel

A lot of people comment saying how they love how much we can travel and it surprises a lot of my family and friends that we can afford it since I don't work. So how do we do it?

Priorities and an interest for the off-beat destinations.

· Do we want to buy a couch or do we want to go to Rome? Rome. Duh.

· We never got around to buying a bed frame. Yep, we sleep on a mattress on the ground. We did find a platform bed frame that we love, but it's 500+ euros. We could go to Prague for a weekend for that kind of money.

· A lot of weekends we'll be low on money so we'll pick a town within a couple hours to explore. We overspent on Christmas gifts for each other last week so we'll be doing that this weekend. It's Christmas market season so I'm guessing we'll end up at one in Italy somewhere...or Austria since it's right there.

· Our base sends out a weekly email of local happenings. Sometimes the events are duds. Sometimes they're diamonds in the rough. If we have nothing going on, we'll pick something that sounds interesting and we'll check it out. Because of this, we've been to some under-the-radar towns and festivals. One of my favorites was the medieval festival in Noale. It wasn't particularly exciting, but getting to see all the animals was a highlight for me. And even though it was small, the whole town was involved. Everyone was dressed up in period costumes. No, not armor and intricate dresses. Realistic clothing for townspeople in those times. So fun!

· Sometimes we go weeks without doing anything. If we're seriously trying to save money for a trip or if we just got back from a big trip, we'll go underground for a few weeks. Usually we play video games and watch shows on Netflix.

Xbox 360

So that's how we do it. How do you afford your travels? We'd love to hear how you do it!


  1. I wish more people understood how much money you can save to travel when you really try! Plus, there are so many fantastic deals on b&bs out there and you can save money by driving to places, too. Oh how i miss Europe! Definitely go to AS MANY Christmas markets as you can. They have one in Verona you should check out. i wish we had more than just one Christmas there so I could've gone to some in Germany—that's my one regret.

  2. Yes--it all comes down to priorities! We really prioritize activities, outings, events, and once in a while, travel (not so often). We don't have a house or car payment, we own very little furniture, we don't have smartphones and we don't have air-con and we only heat our house to 60 degrees in the winter. Other people may consider some of those things priorities but I like to keep basic living expenses low! Plus, since I love planning and researching I do a lot of researching for deals ahead of time--and we have relatives in 5 different states--so if you can get free housing, that helps immensely!

  3. I love it! You guys are smart about money and honestly most people aren't.

  4. Love this! I wonder if the Navy will put Europe in our path - hopefully I can take a few tips from you if so! :)

  5. I hope that we will be able to travel about and see new places like y'all do.

  6. We tend to use our tax refund money to travel. I think it's awesome that you guys get to travel so much!

  7. Mhmm! You guys are awesome! Work hard play hard :)

  8. Priorities are definitely what makes things possible!

  9. I love this! I wrote a Travel Tuesday post about this a little while back (I'm pretty sure you commented on it haha). I wish more bloggers would share how they make travel possible, so other people will stop thinking they "can't" travel!! You made some great points in here!