Friday, December 6, 2013

My doctor laughed at me

I get impatient waiting in the room for the I leaned over and took a selfie in the exam room mirror. I'm a dork, I know. After that I played a few rounds of Candy Crush. I'm stuck on Level 350. It's really pissing me off.

So my doctor comes in, asks how I'm doing...the usual. I had seen a different provider last time so I'm guessing he's glancing at her notes. I'm also guessing that he gets to the part that we talked about my husband being deployed and that we were planning to try for a baby when he gets back. He asks if my husband is back. It still makes me happy to say, "YES!" Here's how the rest of the conversation goes:

Dr: "Are you thinking about trying for a baby soon?"
Me: "Soon...but not too soon."
Dr: [confused/curious look] "Why is that?"
Me: "My friend is getting married and I don't want to alter my dress a bunch of times before the wedding."
I should mention: there were two ladies in the room. One was a tech and one was observing/learning. They laughed and nodded their heads in understanding. 
Dr: [clearly amused by my girl-ness] "What is your method of birth control?"
Me: "Um..well..nothing."
Dr: [busts out laughing and shakes his head]
Me: "But it's okay! The dress I have is a little forgiving so I can be a little pregnant."
Dr: [laughs again]

Like I said, I'm ridiculous. I know. But I love my doctor. He always chats with me and has a sense of humor.  He's real, you know what I mean? Some doctors act as sterile as their environment. I think I mentioned before that my sister was one of his techs when we were all stationed at Elmendorf. She also has a lot of really nice things to say about him from a professional point of view.

No hair product. No makeup. Completely 100% natural, very rare for me.

Before I end this post, I have to point out my amazing hair day. I was super lazy and didn't straighten or put any product in my hair in the morning. Normally I have to use some curl goop to keep the frizzies down or I have to straighten my hair. This time I just let it air dry while I played video games. Then I looked in the mirror and my bangs dried perfectly and there was no crazy frizziness. My hair hates me and this never happens. Ever. It's a fluke. It'll never happen again so I had to document it.


  1. Ha! Was it in the women's clinic? If it was, then I think I know which doctor you're talking about. If it's him, then he's cool. He almost delivered my baby :)

  2. That is pretty funny. :) Your hair looks really nice.

  3. The conversation with your doctor is hilarious! Hopefully you won't have to alter your dress too many times ;)

  4. Hey, what??? Soon but not too soon??? :)

  5. You look awesome w no makeup! I'm a scary sight.

  6. haha that's pretty funny. probably something I would've said lol

  7. This is so funny! I'm so glad you have such a great doctor... I'm not a fan of the one I went to.