Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Christmas Markets

Travel Tuesdays

I used to link up with a couple bloggers for Travel Tuesdays, but they've seemed to have ended their series. I love reading about everyone's travel adventures and would like to host a link up. All I ask is that you link back to the current week's post if you do decide to link up. Either post a link or use the button above. You don't have to post on Tuesdays. That's just when I'll be posting and opening the week's link up.

Originally Will and I planned to go to Austria over the weekend. But his weird work schedule had us on a weird sleep schedule so it didn't work out. Instead, we checked out two of the Christmas markets in the area. To be honest, I wasn't really up for it. I found out my grandpa passed away and I've been taking it pretty hard. But my husband thought it would be good for me to get out of the house. So we off we went.

The weather was beautiful, but cold. Will works outside so he thought it was mild. I stay inside all day so I thought it was freezing. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Aviano AB and the Italian Alps
Aviano AB in front of the mountains
Our first stop was the Sacile Christmas market. It was kind of a dud. It was small and mostly food stalls, but we weren't in the mood for any of it. There were big umbrellas in front of each stall so the cute decorations were blocked. Boo. We walked around the teeny park next to the market before taking off.

Sacile Christmas Market
That was the start of the line of stalls and the end was at the end of the bridge we were standing on.
I didn't even notice the Ferrari, but Will definitely did.
We debated back and forth whether we should go home or go to Pordenone. We decided, why not? It's not too far out of our way home. It was the usual town market vendors combined with a section of Christmas stalls. It was gorgeous! I found a few things I wanted, but nothing that I had to have.

Pordenone Christmas Market
So pretty!
I tried to snap a picture of the town Christmas tree, but it came out too blurry. Will and I thought it was funny that they had a falling star at the top of the tree instead of a traditional star. To make up for the blurry shot, I took a picture of the tree in our town when we got home. It's right outside our window so I put all our presents on a desk next to the window so it's kind of like having a tree.

Christmas tree


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away! That is really hard--I know that's news I'll never want to hear.

  2. I'm sorry about your Grandpa.

    Pretty Christmas light photos.

  3. I really wanted to go to Austria over the weekend, too ;) Cool new series. I'm excited about the link-up. Perhaps I'll play along.
    So sorry about your grandfather. That's really tough.

  4. So sorry about your grandpa, I was really close to my grandpa growing up and it was really hard when he passed away so I totally get it :(

    Oooh, that Ferrari! I love me some fancy cars haha

  5. Sorry about your grandfather, must be especially hard not being right there.
    I love how you have used your town's Christmas tree as your own - thrifty!