Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Milan Cathedral

Travel Tuesdays

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Will and I finally made it to Milano! While Will was deployed, he made plans with some of his friends to go to a concert. Avenged Sevenfold & Five Finger Death Punch. He loves 5FDP and is always trying to sneak it onto the car playlist. It's not my thing. I don't like to be screamed at. It pisses me off and not in a fun rocker rage-y way. Anyway, eight of us road tripped out to Milan for the concert. The guys even took Friday off so we could make a long weekend out of it.

concert in Milan

Before I show you our sightseeing pictures, I have to gush on our group a little. We rented an apartment for two nights. It was Will, me, four other Airmen, and one of the guy's mom. I had met all of the guys before, but I've never really hung out with any of them. I was pleasantly surprised by how chill they all were. They were all super easy to get along with and I had a blast the whole time. All eight of us took our turns cleaning the kitchen and cooking. No one complained that they were doing all the chores. No one told someone else to do something. When we went out no one broke off to do their own thing, we all hung out together as a group. (Minus the concert, I skipped that.) Everyone got along and there was zero drama. So it was an incredibly fun weekend.

Okay, sightseeing in Milan...

sightseeing in Milan
Heading out from our apartment to go sightseeing

Our apartment was right down the street from a metro station. SCORE! It was on the line that took us directly to the Duomo. DOUBLE SCORE! When we got to the Piazza del Duomo (the Cathedral square), everyone wandered to take pictures. I walked toward the back of the square to get a shot of the church. I thought Chris and Travis were behind me, but they were getting different shots. I also thought Will was behind me. I barely got one shot before a man came up to me motioning to take my camera to take my picture. I was wary because I'm not about to hand my DSLR over to some guy. I turned to find...no one. The man then took my hand, extended my right arm out, and poured a bunch of kernels into my hand. Three pigeons instantly appeared and fought for a spot on my arm while furiously pecking at the food. I do not like birds. I can walk amongst them, but I don't want them touching me.

pigeons in Milan
This is my "I'm smiling to be polite, but I need to get away from these birds" face.

In the chaos of the birds flapping all around me, the man is again trying to take my camera. I'm trying to find my husband to have him ready to chase this guy down if he tries to steal our camera. In the meantime, the guy is pouring more kernels into my hand and there's another flurry of wings and feathers. FINALLY my husband and Chris arrive at my side. Without a word, the man shoves bird food into their hands. Chris immediately hams it up as I take pictures. Will? Well...this happens:

pigeons in Milan

I can't complain, I'm always bugging him to take more pictures so I can see his perspective of our travels. The guy turned out not to be a thief. Chris handed over his camera and got it back safely. The guy did eke 5 euros out of us for the bird food and his picture taking skills. I wasn't going to pay him, but Will couldn't just walk away.

So back to the Duomo...

Milan Duomo
Duomo di Milano
Milan Duomo
Milan Duomo
The largest organ in Italy. I believe it.
Milan Duomo
A former arch bishop of the church
Milan Duomo
San Bartolomeo (Bartholomew the Apostle). There are three different accounts of his death, the most represented version is that he was skinned and beheaded. This is a statue of him wearing his flayed skin as a stole.


  1. Um, the birdseed guy was really strange--those are the encounters that sure make good stories later! I'm glad you ended up with such a good group for traveling with!

  2. him taking the picture of the birds on his arm - hilarious.
    and uh the former bishop CREEPY!

  3. Ahh yes I have been slacking on my TT link-up lately. :( I'm currently looking for a new job though, so if I get one a little less time-consuming I definitely want to start it up again! Maybe we could join forces? :)