Monday, January 27, 2014

My Handsome Laundry Helper

Will and I are the worst when it comes to doing chores. We wait to do dishes and laundry until we've run out of clean plates and underwear. It's a terrible habit, we know.

We have to go to the laundromat in the middle of the night because we almost always have tons of laundry to wash. Sundays are the worst time to go because everyone's rushing to get their things ready for work or school. Friday and Saturday evenings are the best time because who wants to spend their weekend doing laundry instead of going out?

We went at 4 in the morning and had the place to ourselves...just the way we like it. I think we had 12 washers going. The Kings' outdoor hockey game was on when we got there and the mister got distracted...

I had to scoot the cart around him and he didn't even notice. Eventually he peeled his eyes away from the screen and was genuinely surprised to see all the washers emptied and the dryers going. He made up for it though and helped me fold when everything was done.

This was pretty much the highlight of our weekend. We were planning on doing a day trip, but he had to work on Saturday (ugh, again) and Sunday turned into a lazy movie day. Have you seen Lee Daniels' The Butler? Such a good movie!

By the way, thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes. My recovery has been pain or complications. (If you didn't read about my procedure, catch up here.)


  1. 12 washers going at once?? Dang, you do wait till the last minute!! But then, I probably would too if I actually had to go out to a laundromat...I love having a washing machine and dryer in the house.

  2. Wow, that is a load of laundry! How much clothes do you have to be able to wait that long? (I'm jealous!)

  3. Ugh laundry! I hate doing it. I especially hate the folding part.

  4. For some reason, laundry is something I never dishes on the other hand I could do without forever! If it was cheaper and better for the environment, my house would be all paper plates, paper bowls, and plastic silverware!!!!

    dang i would hate to fold all of that at one sitting. haha

  6. I don't mind laundry but it makes it nice that Kyle does all of ours. He even sorts laundry...pretty rare for a guy haha.

  7. Ugh, I hate doing laundry. We usually wait until we're running out of underwear too, it's such a bad habit haha