Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Landlord's Birthday

We had big plans to spend the weekend in Salzburg, but there was a DUI and Will's squadron was called in for an extra early morning formation/briefing on Saturday. Boo boo boo. Oh well, I was happy because we were home to watch the Seahawks win the NFC Championship game!!! GO HAWKS! I'm also happy with the Broncos' win. It's going to be a great Super Bowl.

Sunday was our landlord's birthday. As usual, we were handed cups as soon as we walked in the door. This time it was a mix of Prosecco and ginger ale. Sounds weird, but it was good! I had to switch to beer after a couple cups because it was too much sweetness for me. Lunch was gnocci with ragu sauce and pork shoulder.

Instead of cake, Albino cut a birthday strudel. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to him as he doled out servings. Same tune, different language, no candles. They also passed out cookies, tiramisu, and some sort of bar with fruit topping. All amazingly delicious.

At one point, an uptempo song began playing and a couple of the guys began singing along loudly. I didn't think much until it was over. One of the guys turned to us and asked, "You know what the song means?" I shook my head and he smiled. "It talks of mowing the grass on the woman's..." I blurted out, "SHUT UP!" and turned bright red. Everyone in the room looked over and burst out laughing. I turned to one of the women who speaks English for confirmation. She grinned and nodded. The next song was about a guy who meets a girl at a club, takes her to his car to hook up, and a policeman catches them. Turns out, the officer is the girl's dad and the guy has to run for his life. After that, I feel like all the songs on that disc were dirty.

Ech & Will

In the lower left picture, Albino is handing out grappa to everyone. I handed mine off...it's way too intense for me. That stuff is strong. One of the jars has alcohol soaked cherries and the other had raisins. See that sly look on his face? That's his "Shut up and drink it" face. He was specifically trying to get Will drunk because of New Years. He told everyone to make sure Will drinks lots.

We ended up staying over eight hours, we were having so much fun. And really the only reason we left was because we wanted to get a nap in before the game.


  1. Wow... that's quite a festive party! Those songs sound so dodgey, sometimes it's better not to understand ;)

  2. Ha! Sounds like a very interesting time!! And we were excited about the hawks winning as well- should make for a great superbowl!!!!

  3. "SHUT UP!" well timed my friend - well timed

  4. That sounds like an awesome time! and how hilarious about the songs haha

  5. This is too funny! Looks like a good time was had by all!