Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ech & Will Quotes

We were at the commissary and my husband was pushing the cart. I handed him a bag of ground flax seed to put in the cart and he says very loudly, "What is this!? Are you trying to make me shit myself!?"

Will: "It's going to be three years!"
Ech: Sees where he's going with this..."What do you mean?"
Will: "September 18! Three years!"
Ech: "Three? You sure about that? THREE?"
Will: "Yeah, we got married in 2010 so it's going to be three years." ...starts counting the years on his fingers. "Yeah, three years."
Ech: Stares at him.
Will: Stares back.
Ech: "Four"
Will: Stares back.
Ech: "If we got married in 2010, then it's...."
Will: Squints and thinks really hard. "Oh...It's going to be four!?"

A couple weekends ago, I was trying to wake him up nicely with a back rub and kisses. He didn't respond so I told him, "I'm trying to give you love. Wake up!"
Without opening his eyes he whispered in an accusatory tone, "Next time I'm going to do that to you."
"What?" I asked.
He held out his cupped hand and says, "I'm going to give you air" and he tried to hand it to me.


  1. hahaha--man, we specifically got married in 2010 so that Angel would always be able to easily calculate how long we'd been married. Doesn't get much easier than subtracting 10 from a number....but guys seem genetically programmed to struggle with anniversary calculations...

    1. Haha, oh these are funny! And Rachel, what a good idea! We started dating in 2010, but got married in 2013 which makes the maths so difficult!!! :)

  2. We got married in 2010, too, and my husband constantly does that sort of thing. I thought it would be easier for him with us married that year, but...a man is still a man, I suppose.

  3. Hahahaha so I was reading this and laughing to myself and then realized that my husband and mom were watching me...that's embaressing!

  4. LOVE this. We also got married in 2010 but in our case, I'm the one that's always forgetting how long it's been lol

  5. Haha please keep this series going! I love these posts.