Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Currently...Will's Home!

So in case you missed it, Will is home! It was a little frustrating trying to figure out when they were coming in and where. First he gave me one time, then he texted me while I was sleeping that their flight was delayed. I was half awake, but I managed to reset my alarm and went back to sleep. Just as I was getting into a deep sleep, he texted me again saying never mind he's on the plane and they should be back to the original time. Again, half asleep, I reset my alarm. When I woke up I vaguely remembered the texts and was so confused. I had to reread our conversation a couple times to make sure I was up on time. There was also some confusion about where they were supposed to be picked up. There were wives waiting at the old passenger terminal, the new one, and at the squadron. Luckily Will got the right information to me and I wasn't driving all over base trying figure out where the heck he was.

It is incredible to have him home again. I know he'll be home for at least a month or two since he has leave coming up. I'm really hoping we can enjoy the summer when he gets back. It'll be a our last full summer here and he missed out last year since he was deployed. But the military wants what it wants and if it wants to send him off somewhere again it will. We'll just have to make the most of our weekends and do as much as possible.

Anyway, I saw this over at Michelle's blog and I thought it looked like fun.

Making: excuses not to get out of bed. I'm deeply entrenched in lazy mode.
Cooking: up ideas for dinners this week. I have to go grocery shopping this week.
Drinking: water. I specifically didn't buy any soda the last couple commissary trips to tamper down the soda consumption.
Reading: through my blog list. I've been keeping up fairly well this week. As we all know, miss one day and there's no catching up.
Wanting: a puppy. I know we shouldn't get a pet while we're living overseas, but Will and I really, really, really want one.
Looking: forward to our trip back to the US. It's coming up and the excitement is really starting to boil up!
Playing: Once by Rascal Flatts. So tragic. But one of my favorites.
Wasting: time. As always. I should be getting Will's crap unpacked from the suitcase so we can start getting organized for our trip.
Wishing: I could be pregnant already. We are so ready for mini Ech's and Will's running around.
Enjoying: snugging with myself under the blankets listening to the thunderstorm outside.
Waiting: for Will to come home. He just texted saying he's held up doing his leave paperwork and other work stuff. Ugh!
Liking: that the Blazers are doing so well!

Wondering: how many bottles of wine I can fit in my luggage. I'm bringing as much as I can for girls night with my best ladies in Portland.
Loving: that Earl Thomas got resigned. LOB!!!

Hoping: they hurry up and finalize a deal with Richard Sherman.
Marveling: at how messed up the blankets on bed are right now. Will likes to tangle them up when he sleeps and leaves it a disaster.
Needing: my leg to stop itching. Every spring/early summer in Italy I get a rash (contact dermatitis) on my legs that tortures me. It'll go away on its own eventually. If not, it'll go away when I get back to Oregon.
Smelling: nothing. Is that weird?
Wearing: sweatpants and a hoodie. I'm super comfortable and happy right now.
Following: all the Seahawks' off season moves. Is it football season yet? No? Boo!
Noticing: that my stomach is starting grumble. I think it might be time to eat soon.
Knowing: I really should put away the laundry that I did two weeks ago...but I just don't feel like it. [don't judge me]
Thinking: that I really need to cut my hair. But I'll wait until after the weddings so I can have a pretty updo.
Feeling: tired. But I'm trying to stay on Will's sleep schedule with him.
Bookmarking: things for us to do this summer...but I really shouldn't since I'm sure the Air Force will squash all our plans again. [sorry, I'm still bitter and I'm scared they're going to take him away again]
Opening: a gajillion tabs on my internet browser. As always.
Giggling: in anticipation of the photo booth pictures from my best friend's bridal shower. My friends have been hyping them and I already know they're going to be amazing and hilarious.
Feeling: impatient. Will still isn't home and I'm pouting.


  1. So glad he's back! (And Angel always says that I slow down out internet because I have so many tabs open at the same time-haha!)

  2. Adrie @ ALittleWife'sHappyLifeThursday, May 01, 2014

    Yay he's home!

    I'm with you on the laundry front- folded and sitting in the basket looking at me... but it's not going into drawers today. No siree, Bob. I'm also with you with the wanting a baby and puppy. Camp allows babies... puppies not so much. Now if my body would get on board....

  3. Shockingly, I only have two open right now. That's a record low for me!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one ignoring the laundry! Our landlord told us that he's going to breed his dog next year and he said we can have one of the puppies. That's going to be hard to pass up! We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.