Monday, April 14, 2014

National Ex-Spouse Day

Will is my one and only, forever and always, and the love of my life.

But before Will came some special men that I have to give a little shoutout to on National Ex-Spouse Day. These guys are some of my all-time favorite guys that I have the pleasure of being friends with. Between all the stupid boy drama back in the day I had these guys to laugh with, to have epic dance parties with, and to just be me with. Anyone who gets the honor of actually being in a real marriage with any of these guys is incredibly lucky. It may have been fake for me, but I loved pretending with such fun guys.

My Wifey. Yeah you heard that right. Wifey. Let's just say we were confused. I was Hubby he was Wifey. No one questioned it and it was awesome.

My first husband. No, not legally. On Facebook. Our story was that we got married so that he could live in the US and I could live in Norway. This was before everything on Facebook was so official and serious and it was hilarious to us that people legitimately thought we were married.

My complicated relationship. Before I got Facebook married, I was in a complicated relationship. Like I said, Facebook was fun and not so serious back then. My friends and I thought it was hysterical that there was an "it's complicated" relationship status. Did anyone actually seriously choose that with someone? We did. Because we kept complicating each other's relationships by saying we were complicated. We never made that complicated relationship a complicated marriage, but it was significant enough to be mentioned on this day of ex-spouses.

Cheers to my guys and Happy Ex-Spouse Day!

To my Will: Here's to never celebrating this day together.


  1. Jamie@HandlingWGraceMonday, April 14, 2014

    Hahah! I didn't know this was a holiday!

  2. hahah this is amazing.
    i have a few of these myself.

  3. Haha, you really have had a colourful facebook relationship history!

  4. hahaha! Your stories reminded me--Angel had a "serious" "It'c complicated" relationship status on Facebook with his ex-girlfriend, by his choice. She hated it...but I guess he was stubborn and not all that into commitment at the time. Before Angel, I also thought that no one would use that status for I know that people do, it's just the weird ones... :P

  5. Back in the day I used to be married to one of my friends on Facebook - I proposed to her after a choir show with a plastic jalapeño. Can't even make this things up lol

  6. I was once married to a girl on facebook, causing my mom to call me and ask me if I was gay. It was a joke, but I decided never to do it again!

  7. My friend did the same thing and her parents were convinced she was a lesbian for the longest time. It was hilarious listening in on her trying to explain it to them.