Friday, June 27, 2014

My Most Marketable Skill

Looking back on my post-college job hunt I can easily pinpoint my most marketable skill: adaptability. I didn't prepare my resume for after college (I rarely worked and when I did, it was in retail positions) and I didn't earn an job-friendly degree (English/Writing). But even if I had done everything right, I still had the misfortune of graduating at a time when the unemployment rate was discouragingly high.

My original plan was to get a job at a publishing company and work my way up. But those positions were nearly impossible to find and most people with my aspirations were going back to school to earn their Masters. I had no choice but to adapt my goals and skills to fit the job market. In the end I found a position at a hospital; not what I studied for, but it was an amazing opportunity to learn more skills and earn a living.

If you need help building your adaptability skills, find ways to work on group projects. Look for situations in which you need to cooperate with other's ideas and opinions to help you to beef up your skills in adaptability and teamwork. It may put you out of your comfort zone, but the skills you acquire will be beneficial.

Even though the unemployment rate has decreased since my graduation, I still think adaptability is an important weapon to have both while applying for jobs and when you do find a job. Employers love having an employee who is willing and able to handle any task. Best of luck, Class of 2014! And congratulations!

This post was written as a part of the “Most Marketable Skill” Campaign hosted by Webucator. They are currently offering a free self-paced Microsoft 2013 course for those who are interested in boosting their marketable skills.

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  1. wow, a hospital is pretty far off from what you studied! With my degree in French and Media and then teaching, I really didn't imagine myself working where I am now!

  2. Right? Such a random switch. But it worked out nicely.