Saturday, July 19, 2014

Breakfast Party

Will has been on mids shift (graveyard) for a few weeks and Friday mornings are their weekly breakfast out after their shift to start their weekend. I told him to invite the guys over to our house this week and I'd cook for them. It sounded like such a good idea. The guys get a home-cooked meal. I'd get to meet the guys he was on shift with. But then Thursday night rolled around and I was like, "WHAT WAS I THINKING!?"

I always stress out when I cook for other people. But as always, the meal was a success and I had nothing to worry about. I was so busy I didn't take any pictures, but here's what I made:

Doughnut muffins - since breakfast is best served fresh and piping hot, I made these ahead of time for the guys to munch on while they waited. I made a batch of 12 and they were gone in like 2 seconds. Normally I'd serve these hot, but I didn't have the oven time to make them fresh. They're still delicious cold though.

Loaded potatoes - It's basically hash browns with cheese and bacon with sour cream to bind it all together. You can add whatever else you want. It' s a staple in our house.

Tater tot casserole - Eggs, sausages, cheese, and tots. It was my first time making this so I was nervous it wasn't going to be good, but it was amazing! It's going to make the rotation of regular meals for us.

I also made a cinnamon loaf, but it was just a little dry so I didn't serve it. I thought about making corn beef hash too because I know how guys can eat, but the two dishes were really filling and it was the perfect amount. If you'd like the recipe to any of the dishes, let me know! They're all so addictive and really easy to make.


  1. :) It's fun--but I know it's a little stressful!--to plan and make a big meal for a bunch of guests! Breakfast casseroles are always a smart idea, lots of tasty food, and all you have to do is put it together and throw it in the oven!

  2. Yeah I woke up early to bake and put together the dishes and then popped them in as soon as they called to say they were on their way. It was perfect!

  3. Jamie@HandlingWGraceMonday, July 21, 2014

    Tater tot casserole sounds amazing.


    Do it! You won't regret it, so good!